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About Us

We’ve put together a great team with shared passions and motivations. The satisfaction of a job well-done. The gratification that comes with visible results and an understanding that customer service is job one.

Peter Rimmer:

As a 40 year veteran of the audio/video industry, Peter has a long history serving demanding consumers of high-end luxury audio and video—for home, auto and business. He started and owned his own A/V retail store specializing in sales, service and installation of state-of-the-art A/V systems and went on to start his own A/V distribution business. He was also successful in sales management and distribution in Southern California for Pioneer, JVC and LG—some of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers in the world.

Peter has enjoyed delivering exceptional customer service throughout his career and brings a substantial network of personal and professional resources to SRS. 

Kent Krizik:

After almost 20 years in the electronic components industry working for both distributors and manufacturers, Kent went on to co-found and lead NewsProNet. Serving local TV news departments with in-depth video news and information, he developed a solid reputation for creativity and integrity serving the demanding needs of hundreds of local broadcasters throughout the United States for more than 25 years. Kent brings his outstanding network, customer-focused experience and marketing acumen to SRS. 

Steve Bauford
After 12 years of active duty in the Marine Corps, including 2 tours in Iraq, Steve joined SRS as our lead technician.

Steve is a creative, diligent, experienced professional with an amazing demeanor and a deep skill set. Once a Marine, always a Marine, Steve is dedicated to delivering stellar results and possesses the best attitude and sense of humor you may ever experience. 

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