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Commercial Services
We serve a variety of Commercial
customers including property
management companies, real estate
  developers, building owners,
contractors, architects and more

We stand behind our work.
If you aren't thrilled with the results we won't accept payment. Your complete satisfaction is all that's important. 

S|R|S delivers comprehensive and cost effective solutions for commercial clients.

Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, virtually any metal surface can be restored to it's formal glory. We can even patina non-metal surfaces to look like steel, brass or copper.

Contact us with your restoration project or creative vision and we can help bring your project to life.

Commercial applications include:

> Elevator doors - scratch removal, re-grain, brass or steel
> Elevator interior panels, brass or steel

> Railings, doors, windows
> Restaurant fixtures/decor
> Lobby fixtures

> Entry ways
> Lobby signage, plaques

Walls, steel, brass, aluminum
> Sculptures, art installations
> Indoor/Outdoor decor

Once your metal surfaces have been restored to their former glory, we offer MAINTENANCE programs to keep your surfaces looking fresh. These programs can be scheduled quarterly or semi-annually and are very affordable.

We recommend and use products from Sculpt Nouveau

Email us your photos - we can then reply with details on your project.