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noun pa·ti·na \pə-ˈtē-nə, ˈpa-tə-nə\

: a thin usually green layer that forms  naturally on the metals copper and bronze  when they are exposed to the air for a long  time

: a shiny or dark surface that forms  naturally on something (such as wood or  leather) that is used for a long time

:  a thin layer

- From Merriam-Webster online

S|R|S specializes in a variety of patinas beyond the copper and bronze mentioned above. We can apply metal patinas to virtually any surface. 

We also restore patinas on existing, naturally weathered surfaces. 

Recent projects include applying patina to cold-rolled steel as architectural elements of a new construction, giving brass a 'brushed bronze' look on faucets, door handles and window frames and transforming an aging steel mansard roof to gleaming copper.

Contact us with your restoration project or creative vision and we can help bring your project to life.

Other applications:

> Elevator doors
> Elevator interior panels
> Restaurant counters
> Restaurant fixtures/decor
> Decorative panels
> Lobby fixtures
> Lobby signage

> Sculpture
> Indoor/Outdoor decor

We recommend and use products from Sculpt Nouveau

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