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Stainless at Home:

> Sinks - all shapes, all sizes
> Countertops
> Stainless appliances:
                 Range tops
                 Range hoods
                 Trash compacters
> Barbeques
> Pool accessories
Strip any existing wax/debris from sculpture surfaces - color correct as required
> Wash sculpture pieces with water and non-ionic soap, removing dirt, calcium, and cupric oxide
> Patina correction as needed > Spray application of clear lacquer

> Apply fresh protective wax coatings

> Metal repair as required

Hand-buff and burnish highlights

If its made of metal  - we can restore it to a brilliant luster, call us if you you're not sure!
NOTE: A very small percentage of stainless steel appliances come from the factory with a protective finish, unfortunately we won't be able to rejuvenate your stainless if it has this finish. We can tell you how to determine if your stainless steel is finished or not when you call. 

We recommend and use products from Sculpt Nouveau

Email us your photos - we can then reply with details on your project.

Commercial Customers:

> Elevator doors
> Elevator interior panels
> Restaurant counters
> Restaurant kitchen fixtures:
                 Cooler doors
> Restaurant Public areas
> Decorative panels
> Lobby fixtures
> Lobby signage

Our Process will remove scratches, even deep ones. Vandals ruined your elevator? Graffiti spoiled your public areas? We can fix that - and for considerably less than replacement. Call us - we offer free quotes - and if the job is complicated, we'll come out and take a look - no charge!